Upcoming Events at Little Bodies Therapy

Please join us for a circle facilitation.

A circle facilitation involves a series of meditation, guided breathing exercises, a safe sharing circle (if you wish to share), journaling prompts, intention setting, and a sound bath.

This afternoon aims to:

  • Reduce stress by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, our rest and digest,
  • Release oxytocin, our love hormone that is release when we are nurtured by others, 
  • Help you realise you are not alone in your thoughts and difficulties,
  • Activate your inner wisdom, 
  • As well as much more! 

Date: Sunday, 5th December

Time: Arrive at 2pm for a 2.15pm start

RSVP for our end of year event here.

Please bring yoga mat, blanket, journal and pen. 
Feel free to stay around following the circle and sound bath for nibbles, drinks and chats.